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Adam Alcorn

Graduating from Julian Ashton, Adam captivates with emotive landscapes and Archibald Prize recognised portraiture, exhibited in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, and Orange.

Ben Brown

Sydney-based illustration heavyweight, Ben Brown, with over 30 years of diverse clientele, has left an indelible mark on music, events, and apparel

Cade Turner

Australian artist known for his evocative and unconventional photographic works that blend contemporary and romantic influences

Christina McLean

Christina McLean, of TRADE the MARK, crafts evolving ceramic vessels, bespoke art, and textiles with a unique aesthetic, skilled craftsmanship, and a touch of madness.

Daniel Degroen

Sydney-based artist and teacher, blends European traditions, realism, and rich symbolism in his still life painting, showcasing depth and meaning

Deanne Palmer

A graphic artist since 1980, explores oil and encaustic painting, printmaking and sculpture. Blending texture and eco-friendly elements in coastal-inspired works

Emily Towson

A visual and performance artist, Sydney. COFA, UNSW graduate. Influenced by pop art, rock'n'roll, and vintage glamour, exploring femininity, beauty, and identity.

Howard Tweedie

A contemporary neo-post-
impressionist realist. His passions are for colour and movement and the strange wonder of
what we see.

Kate Nielson

Kate Nielsen is a Sydney based Australian painter interested in still life paintings that exploreinteriors with a relationship to their exterior view. Her work is recognised by obscured views coupled with tilted picture planes and ‘tablescapes’.

Lauren Metzler

Cozy vibes emanate from this Illustrator & Comic Artist from Oregon. She creates inclusive art, shedding light on Neurodiversity. Embracing uniqueness through strong characters.

Lisette Coates

Canadian Australian artist based in Sydney merges a vibrant past in sculpture with an illustrative present, echoing joyous daily life and nature's wonders.

Miguel Gonzalez

M-Lon has seamlessly woven his passion for art into the vibrant tapestry of the Northern Beaches of Sydney, leaving an indelible mark on the creative landscape

Mike Barry

Mike Barry is a writer, illustrator and multi-talented creative force from Sydney's Northern Beaches responsible for the wildly successful graphic novel series, Action Tank.

Nat Welsh

Young, but an absolute powerhouse, Nat's mesmerizing blend of vintage surf vibes, nature, and surreal escapism are in high demand

Patrick Hunter

Otherwise known as Inkhunter, Patrick's artistic odyssey is a testament to the enduring power of art as a force for change

Rachel Carroll

An environmentalist painter for over 20 years, inspires nature connection through art, depicting surviving landscapes and teaching workshops

Reg Gibson

Northern Beaches artist originally from Canada, Reg captures Australia's untamed beauty, focusing on wildlife and landscapes, using his lens to highlight environmental threats

Rose Ashton

Informed by her family formed of Artists, and the early teachings of her Grandfather, Rose went on to study Fine Art at The Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney - where she developed a ubiquitous thirst for the most important lines on the page

Tania Murphy

Tania Murphy, ceramic artist and Artistic Director at Unomi design, based in Sydney.

Tom Hadley

Australia's premier doodle artist, with vibrant, youthful, and playful creations holds a mirror up to the social media-driven world of today

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