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Deanne Palmer

Deanne Palmer commenced her career as a graphic artist in 1980 and has worked
in various areas of the visual arts industry, while practicing as an artist and continues exhibiting in group and solo shows throughout Sydney. She completed the Art Diploma at St George and Meadowbank TAFE and the Screen Printing Trade course at Sydney TAFE.

Deanne was a finalist in the Greenway Art Prize 2021 and a finalist in Global
Warming is REAL juried exhibition, New Mexico, USA, 2021. Deanne's current practice spans oil and encaustic painting, printmaking, sculpture as
well as teaching and mentoring adult and young artists at her Gladesville studio, Limelight Studios.

She has been honing her skills in encaustic painting for the past several years and although originally an oil painter, she finds that the encaustic medium and painting techniques offer an extension to her love of working in a layered and textural style. She is also drawn the natural, eco-friendly ingredients of encaustic paint which she makes with a blend of beeswax, damar resin - crystallised tree sap - and ground pigments. This hands-on approach resonates with her sculptural practice which integrates encaustic with clay and paper.

Through encountering the coastal landscape in its different states, her work aims to pursue and organise the diversity of sensations experienced as well as conveying the essence of the scene. These textural works, bathed in light and colour, invite deeper inspection beyond conspicuous beauty, delving into elements that may impact upon and connect others to our natural environment.

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