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The Imaginer is an Art Gallery based in Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches that exhibits traditional and contemporary art + objects.


Opening in February 2023 the gallery is passionate about bringing beautiful exhibitions from their select stable of artists. Works of art include ceramics, pottery, glass, painting, mixed media installations and photography. We love the fine arts, for their integrity and beauty. And we love bringing them to Manly and the NOrthern Beaches.

The Imaginer is a space where Manly community connect and enjoy. From Cade Turner's immersive art installation coming this November, to the exquisite  surfaces of Christina McLean's ceramic pots, the Imaginer is a space for those imagining and being. ​

Our Story

Our Values

Works of skill and craftsmanship that keep on giving from generation to generation.

Integrity of Art

Because beauty rejuvinates, rests us, lifts us up and reminds us of what is worthwhile. 

Beauty of Form

Works that connect to the cultural under-tones of our times and speak to the collective soul.

Works of Meaning

Because we know that investing in artworks of value is important.

Of Value

Pieces that will speak to you instantly, ready to take home and be enjoyed.


Nothing is more precious than a carefully selected work of art shared with the ones we love.


Yes, we do have one! Our gallery is founded on presenting works that enhance our humanity, soul and collective experience.

Contemporary art shows can be spaces rich with expression and meaning. We see it as our job to curate shows for you that bring that to the fore.

Join us! You'll see what we mean.

Soho Sidewalk, Cade Turner, Limited Edition Print

Our Philisophy

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