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Mike Barry

Mike Barry is a multi-talented creative force hailing from Sydney's Northern Beaches, known for his prowess as both a writer and illustrator. With a robust background in the advertising industry spanning over 15 years, Mike successfully melds his strategic leadership skills with a passion for storytelling.

In 2017, Mike embarked on a remarkable journey by creating, crowd-funding, and self-publishing his debut middle-grade graphic novel, "Action Tank – Book 1."

This intergalactic adventure featuring spaghetti carbonara quickly captivated readers and garnered critical acclaim, earning Mike recognition with prestigious awards such as the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards, The Russell Prize for Humour Writing for Young People, and the Aurealis Awards.

As the sole creative mind behind the "Action Tank" series, Mike Barry's impact extends beyond his home country of Australia. In 2021, "Action Tank" clinched a Comic Arts Award of Australia, and the following year, it secured a spot on the American Library Association’s best graphic novels for children reading list in 2022.

Beyond his literary achievements, Mike's creative leadership reached new heights during his seven-year tenure as Creative Director at The White Agency / whiteGREY. There, he not only led groundbreaking work for clients but also fostered an exceptional team of creative individuals.

Mike's innovative approach is evident in diverse projects, from making vaginal health a topic of engaging conversation to launching "Hot Hydralyte" and supercharging Mirvac's LinkedIn presence. His endeavors span from appearances on ABC's GRUEN PLANET to interviewing the Wallabies and crafting comedy web series for the Commonwealth Bank.

Mike Barry's commitment to creative excellence extends to unexpected realms, such as transforming the boys' toilets at his son's primary school into spaces that inspire joy and imagination. He has left an indelible mark on the digital landscape, having played a key role in the Commonwealth Bank's digital transformation.

In addition to his professional achievements, Mike Barry has explored intriguing personal projects, including the creation of an AI version of himself, the Mike Barry Bot. His ability to break the internet with the launch of Milkybar Berry Crumble showcases his knack for generating conversation and reaching vast audiences.

Currently residing near the beach in Sydney with his wife and sons, Mike Barry continues to inspire and captivate audiences with his creativity and strategic vision.

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