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Patterns of Memory


Step into a world where memory weaves itself into the intricate patterns of everyday life, where interior-scapes become tapestries of stories and colours evoke a sense of timeless connection. "Patterns of Memory" invites you to explore the captivating artistry of Kate Nielsen as she delves into the realms of nostalgia, memory, and the intrinsic relationship between the interior world and its links to the external. 

Through her exploration of patterned interiors, Nielsen takes you on a journey through the corridors of memory, where familiar shapes, objects and textures evoke a sense of comfort and longing. Each stroke of her brush becomes a thread in the fabric of recollection, weaving together fragments of the past to create richly layered compositions that resonate with colour and vibrate with life.

Nielsen's paintings are a celebration of the unique beauty of the simple shapes, colours and patterns of the interiors we inhabit. Infused with a sense of calm and potency that lingers in the mind long after the exhibition has ended. With their bold yet subtle lines and colours, they serve as a reminder of the enduring connection between people, place and object, and the timeless nature of memory itself.

Join us as we explore the intricate "Patterns of Memory" woven by Kate Nielsen, and discover the profound beauty that lies at the intersection of nostalgia, pattern, place, and art.

The Imaginer Gallery, 105 Sydney Rd, Manly.

Patterns of Memory will be exhibiting until Sunday the 31st March.

The online catalogue of works is available-click below. Email us for a price list at

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