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It's a time to celebrate! It is the Season for gifting! (our fav).


And we have created a space that you won't want to leave! Filled with all things nice that our Imaginer artists have created - this season of gifting will be made easy at the Imaginer this December.

For a life filled with beautifully curated arts and objects - the Imaginer brings to you a unique exhibition "Grounded" by Gemelle Madigan and Christina McLean.


Madigan's work spans decades in the arts exhibiting in prestigious galleries in Canberra, Sydney and surrounds. Her contemporary pieces are built up layer by layer on glass or canvas and include warm earthy tones, semi-translucent glimmering finishes and rich, deep colours that reflect the natural world around her.


Also inspired by the bush surrounding her Darkinjung, Central Coast studio, McLean of TRADE the MARK uses clay as her canvas, creating bold, one-off ceramic wares that blur the line between art and functional ware. Intricately etched with graffito decoration, each brightly coloured vessel celebrates her devotion to a hand-crafted practice.

In addition to this beautiful duo of works - we will be running an artisanal GiftFair for the month of December. Once off pieces- studies, sketches, large or small, these works have the names of people you adore on them -  and they are ready to walk out the door with you.

Ceramics by Hayley West, Tania Murphy and Holly Matthews, encaustic pieces by Rachel Carrol, photography by Cade Turner, bronze sculpture by Philip Jones, one off furniture pieces - you are invited to a treasure trove of curated art and objects.

In the words of the late Vivienne Westwood "Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity".

Gifting the arts means a delicious piece that will become a long-term staple of joy and meaning long into the future. "Grounded" provides our Imaginer community with pieces that are an investment of value for those we love.

To provide the best possible choices for our customers the Imaginer now offers AFTERPAY as a purchasing option as well as accepting lay-by.

The Imaginer will be open for late night shopping on Thursdays during December!

Check our Insta for additional opening hours.


A Fair of Fine Art Gifting

Join us for the exhibition opening Friday 8th December 6-8pm

Opening Thursday for late night shopping during December
Nibblies and all-things-nice event Saturday 16th December 12-2pm
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