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Glimpses of Sydney, Paris, Madrid + Other Travels


Born in Penang, Malaysia from Scots and Australian parents, Howard Arthur Tweedie is an a contemporary neo-post-
impressionist realist. His passions is for colour and movement and the strange wonder of what we see – in people, places and objects. Tweedie enjoys the never-ending challenge of attempting to master the tonal richness, subtleties and daring of oil as well as the freshness and vitality of pastel. Somehow to balance subtlety and boldness. Painting outdoors gives that extra sense of life, sometimes!

Tweedie mainly likes portraits, figure and contemporary plein-air landscape painting. After four years’ formal study in Australia and France, plus Madrid workshops with Nicolas Uribe and Miguel Coronado, and Sydney workshops with Idris Murphy and others, Tweedie has exhibited in prestigious group shows in Europe, N America and Australia. Prizes include being a finalist in the Mosman and Percival prizes and semi-finalist in the Moran, NSW Plein Air and Spain’s ModPortrait prizes.

Glimpses of Sydney, Paris, Madrid and Other Travels documents Tweedie's passion for plain air painting. His pastel's incorporate a soft touch with whimsical movement and a hint of figures that may or may not be there. In this, his post impressionist lens captures the soft light bouncing off the edge of a flick of hair, the movement of a tree or the edge of a balustrade or staircase. Soft colours glimmer and dance. Tweedie's oil paintings depict richer tones and layers of colour with mobile horizons that provide a curious glimpse into the play upon perspective and composition that the artist uses. 

It really is a gift to be able to enjoy such fine art in the Manly precinct and we look forward to seeing you at the opening night on Thursday 15th February at 6pm for drinks and light refreshments. Paul Delprat, Principal of Julian Ashton Art School will be opening the show with a short address and warm welcome!

Glimpses of Sydney, Paris, Madrid and Other Travels available online through our catalogue:

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