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Cade Turner received a Bachelor of Media (Visual Communications) from Macquarie University and has exhibited in galleries in Sydney, Florence, New York and Manly Regional Art Gallery and Museum. In 2015, Cade was selected by Manly Regional Art Gallery and Museum to produce and exhibit a body of work in their keynote exhibition Destination Sydney, alongside works by Brett Whiteley, Lloyd Rees and Elisabeth Cummings.

Intermission originates from Cade’s fascination for discovering mysterious and beautifully abstract displays of light and colour, hidden in the still and quiet moments in between – the Intermission – while life is perceivably happening somewhere else or at other points in time.

“In these moments, I connect with the ‘everythingness’, experiencing a full spectrum of awe, mystery and contemplation of the meaning of life and our existence within it.”

Using his lens like a paintbrush, Cade intuitively connects with and slows down the transient flow of light and colour, setting them free from their living stasis, through space and time to unveil pure impressions of light.  Through Cade’s subliminal, transient and somewhat mysterious exposures, we experience the beauty and greatness of nature’s liquid paths. The impressionistic light reflected in each artwork reveals a considered observation of a glow or the movement of time and it allows the immersive experience to take hold[3]. In this state, we glimpse and contemplate some of the infinite dimensions of underlying realities that exist beyond our eye’s traditional comprehension. The sensible [visible] and the intelligible [invisible] converge and alternate, in and out of focus and sight, momentarily exposing hidden shimmers of light, forms and colour[1].  Light fragments into millions of colours which transform from their non-physical state to one we can almost reach out and touch, like a rainbow.  It is through this process of detachment we can perfect our intellect in its “essential nothingness” so that we can reflect on and apprehend pure existence[2].

Join us at the gallery on Saturday 2nd or Sunday 3rd December from 12-2pm to meet Cade and view Intermission while hearing about Cade's photography process.

Intermission will be showing until the 3rd December

[1] Christine Simpson, The Order of Being, Master of Fine Arts Research Paper, SCA, University of Sydney, 2014, p.14
[2] Ibid. p.6
[3] Rachel Carroll, Reflection/Refraction, Exhibition Essay, Warringah Creative Space, 2016, p.3


Meet Cade at the gallery on Saturday 2nd and
Sunday 3rd Dec 12-2pm
Exhibition showing at the Imaginer until December 3rd
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