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Tristan Grindrod

Meet Tristan Grindrod, a whimsical artist from Narrabeen, now based in Freshwater on the Northern Beaches. Influenced by a childhood saturated with Picasso, Bouguereau, Dali, Norman Lindsay, Ren & Stimpy, and surf/skate/punk culture, Tristan's unique artistic narrative defies boundaries.

Eclectic Style:
Tristan embraces eclecticism, constantly exploring new horizons. Whether working with oil paint on reclaimed wood or navigating the digital realm, he masters the art of adaptation.

Driven by life's absurdity, Tristan finds inspiration in juxtapositions, love, freedom, and humour. Surrealism, cubism, and neoclassicism guide his rich landscape of imagination.

Artistic Journey:
From a childhood immersed in drawings to self-taught endeavours, Tristan's aversion to art school stemmed from a fear of losing the unique essence that defines his artistic expression.

Exhibitions and Achievements:

Selective in showcasing his work, Tristan's notable moments include winning a childhood art prize and curating the AMALGAM group show at The Imaginer. His cover for The Tawny Frogmouth attests to his captivating visual storytelling.

Tristan's art is a quest for understanding and expressing the ineffable, inviting viewers to discover new meanings. His creative engine thrives on offering a continually evolving experience.

Signature Pieces:
Tristan's reinterpretation of Bouguereau's "A Young Girl Defending Herself Against Eros" and the cubist marvel of the Tawny Frogmouth showcase his exploration of complex ideas, pushing expression boundaries.

Creative Process:
Tristan's creative alchemy involves consumption, amalgamation, and projection. His symphony of lines captures the essence of subjects, freezing temporal movement in a single snapshot.

Goals and Dreams:
In the short term, Tristan aspires to break free from day jobs and side hustles, envisioning a future where creating becomes a full-time endeavour. Long-term, he dreams of unbridled creative freedom.

Personal Touch:
Beneath his in-your-face public image lies Tristan's affinity for understatement, where a well placed mark can tell tales beyond their simplicity. His wandering interests, silly humour, and delicate balance between lightness and melancholy permeate every stroke.

Embark on Tristan's artistic odyssey, where each creation is a portal into a world of limitless imagination, vibrant emotions, and the ever-evolving spirit.

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